Southern Artists

A housetop quilt with blue, pink, white, yellow, and red fabric

Arts & Culture

The newest show at Atlanta’s High Museum explores its collection of colorful tapestries and how their makers reinterpret memories, people, and places in the South

A bronze cast turtle

Arts & Culture

A can’t-miss show at the North Carolina Museum of Art highlights three-dimensional art from over fifty tribes

An artist sits on the floor of his studio with a painting of a little girl and a woman behind him

Arts & Culture

A Penland alum’s blown glass and paintings burst with energy

A single collage of images; a landscape of the marsh with a painter and a palette, with a bird flying off the paint.

This Land

The group of painters created a landscape of opportunity for Black artists

A man sits with a glass of champagne on a couch in a decorated living room

Arts & Culture

A painter known for his vibrant Creole portraits brings his eye for the extraordinary to the Lowcountry

A portrait of a woman working on a watercolor painting

Arts & Culture

Bethany Carroz captures nature, vintage-inspired florals, and family homes through watercolor

A portrait of a man standing outside in front of a hanging quilt

Arts & Culture

An Alabama textile artist pieces together his vision of home