Sporting Scene

Going Native for Deer

Why old-field management makes more sense than a common food plot

The Wild South

Keeping Bugs at Bay in the Turkey Woods

For turkey hunters or anyone else tromping through the wilds, three effective ways to defend against spring’s insect hordes

Field Guide

Gator Aid: How to Coexist with One of the South’s Last Apex Predators

As the American alligator’s most active season approaches, stay safe with these common-sense tips—including what to do if the worst happens

Land & Conservation

Louisiana’s Paragliding Photographer

From his perch in the sky, Ben Depp snapped these hauntingly beautiful images of the disappearing Gulf Coast

Land & Conservation

The Okefenokee in Peril

Inside the fight to save one of the South’s ecological wonders

Land & Conservation

Saving the Puerto Rican Parrot

Communities in the country join forces to help a native bird flourish

The Wild South

Conundrum: What Rhymes with Crappie?

Whether you pronounce it like “happy” or “poppy,” these feisty fish are as tasty as they come, and now’s the time to catch them. Just watch your mouth in certain quarters


What It Takes to Be a National Champion Bird Dog

Who’s a good bird dog? Miller’s Blindsider, that’s who, having just won the 2023 National Championship


Sporting Art Gems on the Block

Historic decoys, dog paintings, a rare folk art find, and more highlights from the online Copley Winter Sale

Good Dog

Sporting Dogs Wow the Crowds at SEWE

High-flying pups and retriever demos steal the show at Charleston’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Land & Conservation

Conservation’s New Frontier in South Texas

The East Foundation is on the cutting edge of studying how working landscapes can work for people, cattle, quail, and wildlife of all stripes

Land & Conservation

Leftovers for Lars

Raptors at a Florida bird sanctuary get a diet boost thanks to Hunters for the Hungry

The Wild South

Five Can’t-Miss Stops at SEWE

With the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition set to kick off this month, our Wild South columnist (and SEWE regular) breaks down what’s at the top of his itinerary at the outdoors blowout

Land & Conservation

How to Disentangle a Forty-Foot Right Whale

Every winter, the coasts of Georgia and Florida become the front line in the fight to save a critically endangered species. A day in the life of the heroes doing the work

good dog

A Texas Mutt Takes His Owner for a Ride

Sometimes old dogs still have a few tricks left

Land & Conservation

Remembering a Georgia Original: Okefenokee Joe

Dick Flood taught a generation of schoolkids the joy of snakes


How Two Southern Restaurant Vets Whipped the World’s Toughest Row

Ben Towill and Charlie Layton, aka “the Dreamboats,” swapped whisks for oars in an epic race across the Atlantic

The Wild South

In Praise of the Spoonie

Why the humble northern shoveler doesn’t deserve its bad rap

Sporting Scene

The English Cocker Renaissance

Why this little breed is joining the bird-dog regulars in the field


What Exactly Is a Horned Frog?

SuperFrog is ready for Monday’s big game between TCU and UGA. Here’s his backstory