Good Dog

A Little Chihuahua’s Extra-Large Presence

A scraggly Chihuahua mix found on the banks of Lake Erie now runs the show in a Mississippi household


The Atlanta Braves’ Top Ten Home Run Moments Ever (Ranked)

In honor of a historic season, enjoy a trot down memory lane

Champions of Conservation

Defender of Descendants: Jennie L. Stephens

Families with heirs’ property across the region have an ally in this South Carolina dynamo

Champions of Conservation

Open Door Policy (Maker): Ryan J. Brown

Virginia’s natural wonders extend a wider welcome with this man at the helm

Editors Choice

Champions of Conservation

Seed Savior: Chris Smith

In the face of climate change, monoculture, and an uncertain future, a grower tries new tactics

Champions of Conservation

Tribal Counsel: Mitzi Reed

Rooting out invasives, beckoning youth to the cause: A Choctaw biologist doubles down

Champions of Conservation

Action Hero: Alvin Dedeaux

This Texas fly guide is hooking up the Lower Colorado with cleaner waters

Champions of Conservation

The Good Earther: Adam Chappell

An inspiring farmer goes soil deep to prove what’s old is new again

Champions of Conservation

Gene Genius: JJ Apodaca

An inventive herpetologist wields DNA in wild and wonderful ways

Champions of Conservation

The Flytrap Queen: Julie Moore

This Carolina botanist won’t rest till the South’s iconic insectivorous plants are protected

Champions of Conservation

Feathered Friend: Mike Chamberlain

Plummeting turkey numbers? A Georgia biologist and hunter is stepping in

Champions of Conservation

Water Warrior: Jacqueline Echols

Long before Atlanta’s South River became a political flash point, Jacqueline Echols began fighting to conserve the waterway

Land & Conservation

Champions of Conservation 2023

Saving wild turkeys, protecting Venus flytraps, cleaning up rivers, cultivating the crops of tomorrow, and more—the heroic efforts of these ten undersung scientists, advocates, and innovators are helping defend the South’s imperiled ecosystems

Editor's Letter

From the Editor: ’Tis the [Dove] Season

Savoring a dove shoot, dogs, good food, and good friends

Land & Conservation

Inside the Weird and Wonderful World of Coral Reproduction

If you needed proof that corals are animals, watch these videos

The Wild South

Easy—and Tasty—Recipes for Dove Season

A super simple barbecue-sauced dove lunch, and a gorgeous dove appetizer board

Sporting Scene

Duck Calls with a Pappy Pedigree

The new calls will turn heads and ducks alike—while supporting conservation efforts

Land & Conservation

Can a Science Writer Learn to Love Roaches?

Digging deep into the research—and my soul—to appreciate this scuttling evolutionary superstar


Happy Boykin Spaniel Day

Celebrating South Carolina’s state dog

This Land

Reclaiming Heritage at Georgia’s Ocmulgee Mounds

Descendants of indigenous tribes connect at a historic site