Good Dogs

Meet Our New Cover Model, George the Hound

The rescue is the first of his kind to appear on the G&G cover

Good Dog

One Spunky Schnoodle

A mother and a daughter form an unexpected bond over a spirited pup

Food & Drink

What’s Cooking at SEWE This Year

The Lee Brothers preview the culinary talent on display at the 2020 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

The Wild SOuth

A Club for the Do-It-All Bird Dog

Interest in bird hunting is on the rise—and so is the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Land & Conservation

Get to Know Charleston’s Wild Side

Some of the city’s best assets are the ones that have been here thousands of years

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Good Dogs

Surfing Dogs Put Their Best Paws Forward

Pups in Florida take to their boards for annual fundraiser

Land & Conservation

The Thrill of the Chase

South Carolina’s Palmetto Bluff plays host to an English sporting tradition with a Southern spirit

The Wild South

An Award-Winning Decoy Carver with a Sense of Humor

Meet the Woodie Nelson decoy and more of Jason Patrick Chuley’s over-the-top spinning-wing creations


Life, Camera, Action

Documentarian Rhett Turner builds an ecological legacy on film

Arts & Culture

When Pups Get Their Close-Ups

Man’s best friend gets a closer look through a South Carolina portrait photographer’s lens

Land & Conservation

An Injured Sea Turtle with a Belly Full of Plastic

A sea turtle recently brought to the South Carolina Aquarium is a reminder of the prevalence—and dangers—of plastic in our oceans


The Beauty of Cold-Weather Trout Fishing

Why it can pay to keep your fly rod handy this winter

Food & Drink

Black Walnut Fever

Armed with moxie and Nut Wizards, a dedicated throng of pickers hits suburbs, yards, and golf courses each fall during one of the South’s most unusual harvests

Arts & Culture

A Lowcountry Landmark Preserved

A new conservation easement secures Boone Hall’s future in Charleston

Good Dogs

Puppy Trials

Amid a new pup’s jumping, chewing, shredding, and escaping, a family figures out what really matters

Our Kind of Place

Inside a Hallowed Shotgun Hideaway

If you want to see some of the finest shotguns in the country, first you have to ask


Three Cows Washed Away by Hurricane Dorian Show Up Weeks Later

A nine-foot storm surge brings three new residents to North Carolina’s Cape Lookout National Seashore

The Wild South

Why Eastern Mallards Need Help

A look at the new mallard bag limits for duck hunters along the Atlantic Flyway


The Good Dog Photo Contest 2019

Meet the winners of this year’s photo contest

25 Slideshow

Good Dog Photo Contest

Chasing the Selfie Stick

Even dogs are taking selfies now—at least from the looks of these 2019 Good Dog Photo Contest entries