A kayaker paddles in a river with palm trees behind

Land & Conservation

Come for a maritime forest so lush it feels like a jungle, stay for the dreamy beach sunsets

Otter pups on a swing

Land & Conservation

The six youngsters enjoy wrestling, playing chase, bothering mom, taking naps, and eating treats at their coastal South Carolina home

A man with gator bite marks, stitched up, on his arm

Land & Conservation

Three weeks after the terrifying encounter, Will Georgitis shares why he can’t wait to get back in the water, plus safety tips for other river divers


What to know to get ready, and one compelling reason not to sweep them from your yard

Dog sitting on a table


Pork chops, bathing suits, not-so-dead possums: Readers describe the strange and surprising items their pets retrieved

The Wild South

Top-notch gear for the mom who loves the boat, beach, woods, blind, and, of course, you

A woman teaches another woman how to attach a fly to a rod in a river


The angler, author, and instructor on her greatest catch and how to cast 161 feet

A male painted bunting

Land & Conservation

A songbird that looks dipped in paint, a delicate pink wader, and an iridescent duck—learn what gives these beautiful birds their color, plus how to spot them

Plated Coriander Cured Venison Loin

The Wild South

The South Carolina–based chef and outdoorsman brings an inspiring approach to wild game and fish. Get his recipe for coriander-cured venison loin

People in a greenhouse harvest basil and tomatoes

Land & Conservation

In Wardensville, Farms Work Wonders grows vegetables, businesses, and opportunities for Appalachian youth

A mug with a tin of tea and some tea leaves strewn around the mug.


Caffeinated tea from a native shrub, chemical-free laundry soap from a Georgia farm, and more standout sustainable goods

A monarch butterfly on a purple flower with a tag sticker on its wing.


Calling all amateur naturalists to observe baby birds, tag butterflies, count migrating hawks, and photograph dolphins

An illustration of a woman leading a dog at a dog show

Good Dog

After the loss of a beloved pup, one author fills a mutt-sized hole by following Westminster’s purebreds

A waterfall with a rocky outcrop, surrounded by trees


This beloved Arkansas mountain is full of green forests, plunging blufflines, swirling sandstone, and romantic folklore


With a hatchet, a knife, paintbrushes, and a deep reverence for nature and American folk art, Mark McNair turns out some of the finest decoys ever to float the Atlantic coast

A group of striped lures around a label


“Once you get a couple of these things, you start appreciating the history and the beauty and the engineering”

Bradford pear trees in bloom

Land & Conservation

One by one, states are banning the beautiful but invasive tree—and for good reason

A man stands in a swamp with a camera

Land & Conservation

Through alligators, cypress trees, panthers, spoonbills, and ghost orchids, Mac Stone invites everyone to experience—and care about—what’s in our backyards and beyond

A group of cypress trees in a swamp with a purple sky

Land & Conservation

The Gainesville conservationist captured roaming Florida panthers, rainbows over tree islands, and basking alligators in the name of saving the “river of grass”

A yellow bird sits in the branches of a tree

Land & Conservation

My quest to identify an ultra-rare species in my Charleston yard attracted birders from near and far—and sparked unexpected, shared joy