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Arts & Culture

Daniel Wallace Explores the Art of Mudlarking

Finding peace and pieces in Southern streams

Land & Conservation

A Sea Turtle Survival Story

A resilient hatchling is one of just three to make it out of a flooded nest in South Carolina

Good Dogs

Strong Opinions on How to Name a Dog

As one G&G reader put it: “Be patient. The dog will tell you their name.”


An Expert’s Guide to Finding Shark Teeth

Charleston paleontologist Ashby Gale shares his top tips for fossil-hunting beachcombers


A Waterfowler’s Paradise in Texas

A new lodge on a sprawling ranch is equal parts haven and sumptuous retreat


Land & Conservation

A Surge of Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Reports from Florida, where the vast majority of sea turtles nest in the U.S., are showing another great year for hatchling numbers

Sporting Scene

How Bull Rider Zeke Mitchell is Bucking Convention

Tracking the 23-year-old Texan’s unorthodox rise to the top

Good Dog

Hearing the Call

A deaf owner trains a deaf Sheltie to help others in need

Land & Conservation

How the North Carolina Zoo Looks After Red Wolf Puppies

Two new litters this year are helping to secure the future of this critically endangered Southern species

The Wild South

Shrimp Conundrum: To Devein or Not to Devein?

Do you really need to remove that dark stripe down a shrimp’s back? Getting to the bottom of a Southern debate


For the Best Trout Fishing, Follow Your Nose

The simple tip every Southern angler should know


The New Top Dog at Orvis

Simon Perkins, now the third generation to head the family-run company, on his guiding background, expanding participation in the outdoors, and why he never misses a yearly fishing trip to Florida


The Creepy Crawlies That Give People the Heebie-Jeebies

G&G readers want nothing to do with these bugs and critters


Meet the South’s Rare Blue Bee

Recent sightings of the fuzzy-faced blue calamintha bee in Florida are a hopeful sign—but pollinators still face an uphill battle

The Wild South

The Perfect Fishing Kayak?

A new line of high-tech motorized craft from Old Town takes the fuss out of kayak fishing

Land & Conservation

Saving a Rare Southern Species

The Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus—Virginia northern flying squirrel—may be off the endangered list, but its survival depends on another conservation effort: reforestation


The Power of Birding in the South

What birding means to me, plus a chat with the leaders behind #BlackBirdersWeek


Michael Jordan Weighs a Marlin

Never mind the giant fish. At North Carolina’s legendary Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, nothing could top an appearance from the G.O.A.T.

Arts & Culture

A Renowned Sporting Artist’s Bluegrass Muse

The Polish-born painter Andre Pater found his calling amid the rolling hills and stone fences of Kentucky horse country, where his gift for capturing the soul of his subjects has taken him to the pinnacle of the sporting art world

The Wild South

Gifts for Sporting Dads

Whether in the dove field, on the boat, or at camp, these gifts make life outdoors a little sweeter