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Good Dog Photo Contest

Meet the Good Dogs: This Week’s Comebacks

Time is running out to enter the 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest—but these underdogs prove there’s still time to lead the pack

G&G's 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

This Year’s Top Dogs—So Far

Checking in on the frontrunners for Readers’ Choice in the 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

Good Dog

Old Man, New Tricks

A novelist discovers it’s never too late to love a pup

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Good Dogs

A Day at a Dog Wash

One entrepreneur in Charleston, South Carolina, turns her love of dogs into a new business

Good Dog

Finding Juno

A sickly and unadoptable shelter dog helps mend a grieving owner’s broken heart


Six Expert Tips for Training Your Bird Dog

Scott Miller’s suggestions for getting the best out of your hunting companion


Secrets of the Bird-Dog Wizard

With an uncanny knack for working with bird dogs, Scott Miller became a legend on the field trial circuit. These days, he leads a quieter life in the Lowcountry, but he’s still training dogs, and, just as important, their owners

Good Dogs

How a Hotel in Asheville Helps Rescue Dogs

You can check out any time you like—but you might leave with a forever friend

Good Dog

The Canine Stand-In

A country mutt helps a father get through his own separation anxiety

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Arts & Culture

Pirouettes and Pups

Two photographers travel the country to photograph ballerinas alongside man’s best friend

Good Dogs

Black Lab Follows His Nose to Find Missing Boy

Cash the K-9 tracked a toddler who rambled from his South Carolina home

Good Dogs

Woody the Very Good Rescue Dog

A family’s yellow Lab plunged into frigid water to save a boater outside Savannah

Good Dog

The Buddy System

A high-strung mutt learns to relax, with a little help from a friend

Good Dogs

Shelter Dog Showdown

The Hallmark Channel gives lovable—and adoptable—mutts and mixed breeds a chance to shine in the cutest competition on cable

Good Dog

One Last Toss

While saying goodbye to a friend’s buoyant Boykin, a veterinarian reflects on the toughest part of his job

Good Dog

Mutually Reclusive

On a small North Carolina farm, two anxious souls make one fine pair

Good Dogs

The 2017 Good Dog Photo Contest Winners

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Good Dog Photo Contest

Class Clowns

Here’s to the good dogs that keep us laughing

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Tuckered-Out Pups

Because all good dogs deserve good naps

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Good Dog Photo Contest

Puppy Love

Growing into good dogs one fetch, jump, and treat at a time