Taste of the South

The G&G Interview

Meet the Next Food Network Star: Kardea Brown

On her Food Network show, the South Carolina native celebrates her Gullah roots

Food & Drink

Bacon-Tomato Braised Rabbit for Easter Dinner

Steal one from the playbook of Southern chefs and sink your teeth into a seasonal mascot

Food & Drink

Meatballs à la Marfa

A little European, a little Texan, this dish is all comfort

Food & Drink

Southern Classic: Bourbon Balls

What’s not to love about bourbon, chocolate, and pecans?

Food & Drink

Cane Syrup & Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin

Fire up the grill with a recipe from The Southerner’s Cookbook

The High & the Low

Stone-Ground Killer

A few thoughts on grits as a deadly weapon


Whole Duck Jambalaya with Confit Duck Legs

A savory main course to star on your fall table—plus a resource for mail-order duck