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G&G Editors’ 2023 Holiday Wish List

Whether it’s a new book about a legendary musician, matching Christmas jammies, or a camp dutch oven for a firepit gathering, here’s what G&G staffers hope to unwrap this year

A bowl that looks like a tomato with a white ladle

Ripe for the Ladling
Amanda Heckert, executive editor

I would say that I had stars in my eyes earlier this year at Napa’s Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum, but any glint most likely came from the entire wall of copper molds collected by the Jacksonville, Florida–born founder of Williams-Sonoma. I especially fell in love with one of his vintage ceramic tureens in the shape of my favorite Southern summer produce, the tomato, by the Italian maker Mancioli. My eyes have been peeled for a version on eBay and Etsy, but this lookalike from the Portuguese company Luisa Paixão would do nicely. $150;

A black cast iron pot

Campfire Companion
Dave DiBenedetto, editor in chief 

I’m always looking for an excuse to cook over fire, which is why I want to add a 10-quart Camp Dutch oven from Lodge to my quiver of tools. A friend recently showed me how to make a dump cake using hot coals, and I was hooked. $120; 

A necklace in gold with a tiny tulip pendant. It is on a background with yellow paint and two tulip petals that are yellow

Wearable Work of Art

Gabriela Gomez-Misserian, digital producer

I am amazed by the way Raven Roxanne captures ephemeral beauty with breezy paintings of birds’ nests, bending tulips, and theatrical magnolias in bloom. The Charleston-based artist teamed up with another local maker, Jane Pope Jewelry, to make a series of tiny, whimsical, wearable flowers with a beautiful impressionistic texture. The necklace is a forever heirloom piece. $1,500;

Portrait of an Artist
Elizabeth Florio, digital editor 

Like so many, I feel an almost familial fondness for the late John Prine, who exuded such warmth and humanity despite his unsurpassed talent. But I really don’t know the man beyond his songs and live shows, so I’m asking for Holly Gleason’s Prine on Prine: Interviews and Encounters with John Prine, which collects decades of interviews to achieve something close to an autobiography. $19; 

Five postage stamps with illustrations of a white egret. The stamps are on a white plate with a gold rim

Striking Snail Mail
CJ Lotz Diego, senior editor 

Few things bring me greater joy than writing and receiving letters, and vintage stamps are like little pieces of artwork on an envelope. I wrote about this North Carolina vendorof unused postage a few years ago, and every year I ask my friends and family for more of EnfieldPost‘s beautiful stamps. It’s a full-circle thing: Give me stamps and you’ll likely see them popping out of your mailbox later! From $2 each; 

A white and teal striped towel

Space Saver
Emily Daily, newsletter editor 

My family and I spend most of our summer weekends at the local beaches around Charleston. We’ve trained ourselves to pack light, so we don’t have to schlep too much back and forth across the deep sand. This striped quick-dry towel from Fieldshop folds into a small pouch, perfect for tossing into a beach tote. Plus, it’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles! $35;

A candle in a pink glass cup

Wick-edly Wonderful
Danielle Wallace, editorial intern

I’ve always been an advocate for candles. Big, small, fruity, herbal—it doesn’t take much to impress me. But when I came across the saffron rose candle from Nashville–based Paddywax at Garden & Gun Fieldshop’s recent jumble sale, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I stood there smelling it for at least five minutes, blown away by the subtle yet fragrant notes of berry and jasmine. I picked a couple of them up as gifts, but I love the scent so much that I’ve added it to my list of treats to get for myself. $32; 

A woman holds a redfish while standing on a boat

Expert Angler 
Margaret Houston Dominick, photo editor

I would love a fly-fishing charter with Captain Peter Lawson-Johnson. I went out with him a couple of months ago, and it was so much fun. It took awhile to find tailing reds since it was windy and foggy, but it was worth the hunt—we ended the four-hour charter with two nice fish. Peter is one of the few local Orvis-endorsed guides and is native of the area, so he knows everything there is to know. $450;

A white pajama set with black trim

Christmas Jammies
Allyson Sloway, social media editor 

Our family’s longest-lasting Christmas tradition is receiving matching pajamas from “Santa’s elves” to wear on Christmas Day. No matter how old my cousins and siblings get, we love seeing what the year’s selection is. This adorable set from Campo Collection would be a fun addition to our lineup—there’s even a girls set so we can continue the tradition as we start our own families. $385; 

A glass decanter

Decant in Style
Lindsey Liles, assistant editor

After being spoiled by these Estelle coupes for any cocktail I make, I’ve been on the lookout for more standout glassware. I love these funky wine decanters by glass artist Nate Cotterman, a 2019 Made in the South honoree—and as for the shape, surprise me! $185; 

A black down jacket with a hood

Stay Warm
Dave Mezz, deputy editor

Everybody needs a good puffy jacket, even here in South Carolina. I’ve been wearing the same bulky, ratty one for about ten years, so this season I’m eyeing an upgrade. There’s about a bajillion of them out there, but the one on my list is this Rover down jacket from Sitka. It’s got a windproof Gore-Tex liner, water-repellent finish, nice touches like an adjustable hood, and hopefully will last another ten years. $369;

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