A New Rum Cocktail: Dark and Peachy

Soak up the last days of peach season with this fruity sipper from Julep in Greenville, North Carolina

Photo: courtesy of Julep

Juleps may be the house cocktail for the Greenville, North Carolina, hotspot Julep (the Southern bistro has an entire section of their menu dedicated to variations of their eponymous drink), but a bumper crop of peaches this year led bar manager Ross White to consider spins on other classics. “It was the day after all of the fresh peaches came in, and we had so much peach syrup to play with,” White says. 

His favorite creation: a peach-tinged dark and stormy using rum from Muddy River Distillery just outside of Charlotte. “It’s a drink most people know and love, and this version brings out the fresh, seasonal ingredients,” White says. “Plus, in the South, everyone loves a good peach.” Taking the time to make the peach syrup will yield the best flavor, though White says muddling half a peach with simple syrup will suffice in a pinch. “Just be sure to shake the ingredients hard in the shaker to mix the syrup throughout the whole cocktail, especially if the syrup is thicker,” he says. The spiciness of the ginger beer and brand of rum are up to preference, but the fresh peaches are non-negotiable.


  • Dark and Peachy (Yield: 1 cocktail)

    • 2 oz. white rum (White recommends Muddy River)

    • 1 oz. peach syrup (see recipe)

    • ½ oz. lime juice

    • ¼ peach, cut into small cubes

    • A splash of ginger beer

    • Lime wheel, for garnish (White uses dehydrated limes)

  • For the peach syrup:

    • 5 peaches, pitted and sliced

    • 2 cups white granulated sugar

    • ½ stick cinnamon

    • ½ tsp. salt


  1. To make the peach syrup: Combine all the syrup ingredients in a large pot over very low heat. Once the sugar is dissolved and peaches are submerged in syrup, about 15 minutes, turn up the heat to bring it to a simmer. Simmer for 45 minutes until the peaches are soft and glossy. Carefully strain the peaches from the syrup (you can reserve the peaches to make preserves or puree them into peach butter).

  2. To make the cocktail: Add rum, peach syrup, and lime juice to a shaker. Shake hard. Fill a Collins glass with ice and peach slices. Strain the contents of the shaker over the ice and garnish with a lime wheel.