Six bottles of gin in a garden outside

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A suite of stellar craft spirits for when the forecast calls for something light and refreshing

A lemon next to a copper cocktail cup with ice and a lemon peel garnish

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The refreshing combination of bourbon, lemonade, and cranberry juice just might tempt you to switch horses

A wooden bar

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Belly up to the relic where Andy Warhol, Jack Kerouac, and Bob Dylan once gathered. Plus, shake up a pineapple-infused cocktail from the menu at Eberly

A pink drink splashes as a strawberry goes into it. The glass stands against a blue background

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The Music City bar whips up something sweet and bright for the surge of partygoers

Ham cream on top of a hashbrown on a plate


Nashville restaurant Audrey transforms country ham trimmings into possibly the most Southern topping ever

An amber cocktail on top of fig leaves


Even a “failed” fig tree can shine in this garden-fresh drink

A bottle pours bourbon into a glass cup a person is holding.


Bourbon and music, bourbon in the Big Easy, bourbon meets Kevin Bacon—see what’s flowing at these upcoming events

A copper still in a distillery. Next to the still, there is a taxidermy longhorn head.

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In spite of—or maybe because of—the state’s challenges for whiskey makers, Texas is producing some truly distinctive pours

A circular glass cup with chocolate drizzle and strawberry juice inside. It has a striped blue and white straw


At Charlotte’s Billy Sunday, a decadent elixir takes note from a favorite Valentine’s Day treat

A hand holds a tall green cocktail in a glass garnished with a purple sparkler stick and basil leaves


This sparkling green cocktail from Justine in New Orleans keeps the good times rolling

A grouping of martinis with lemon peels with peach amaro on a copper table


Get a jump on peach season with this cheeky sipper

A bar cart spread of bourbon, Benedictine, ginger, tea, and bacon

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Elevate your pour with ginger, tea, bénédictine, or bacon for surprisingly splendid sips

Inside a dark, elegant bourbon bar with velvet green chairs, leather sofas, and a tall bar with a ladder

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From vast libraries to a vintage emporium, these recently opened bars keep bourbon front and center

Seven women sit against wooden chairs, casks, and stools against a brown background.

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Raising a glass to a powerhouse group of whiskey tastemakers

Two icy pink drinks in ornate glassware sit on a silver platter. There are flowers, vines, and pink tiles behind the drinks.

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Just don’t call them mocktails

A man wearing a navy suit sits at a bar

Editor's Letter

Unforgettable moments with the South’s favorite spirit

Two women and a man roast marshmallows over a fire pit

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Etiquette, tips, and tricks—plus recipes for mulled wine, bourbon-spiked cider, roasted oysters, and the best s’mores ever

People at a table laugh and drink bourbon and take notes

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Master taster Melissa Rift on getting to know a new bourbon: “Meet yourself where you are”

A coup glass with a cocktail on a green background


Give your nog a nudge with this mixologist-approved interpretation

A cocktail in a short glass sits on a round marble table.


An Elf-inspired creation from the holiday menu at Alabama’s Session Cocktails