Lunchbox: A Cocktail for Oklahoma

A hard-working drink that’s not made for sipping

It sounds like a bar mishap—a shot of amaretto dropped into a frosted mug of Coors Light and orange juice. And indeed, Tammy Lucas, who inherited the funky neighborhood Edna’s Club & Restaurant in Oklahoma City from her mother, Edna Scott, says the creation may have been unintentional. Scott was probably making a Boilermaker and added orange juice by mistake. However it happened, the Lunchbox has become a phenomenon—a clicker on the Edna’s website passed two million served more than a year ago. Edna’s has added variations, including the Great Balls of Fire Box, made with Fireball cinnamon whiskey. The inspiration: For years, Edna would dance atop the bar when anyone played “Great Balls of Fire” on the jukebox.


    • 5–6 oz. Coors Light, chilled

    • About 6 oz. orange juice

    • 1 oz. amaretto


  1. Chill a beer mug and a shot glass in the freezer before starting. Fill mug with beer and orange juice not quite to top. Fill chilled shot glass with amaretto and drop in mug. In true Edna’s tradition, chug it.