Mezcal Mule

Passionfruit for sweet, chile for heat, and mezcal for the X factor

Photo: Kelly Puleio

“The Mezcal Mule is designed to hit every note—sweet, tart, floral, hot, smoky,” writes Ron Cooper in his new book, Finding Mezcal: A Journey into the Liquid Soul of Mexico. (It’s part of our June reading list). “It best achieves this with the floral, fruity, and spiced Vida Single Village Mezcal.” Use his recommendation or your favorite mezcal.


    • 3 cucumber slices (plus 1 for garnish)

    • ½ oz. agave nectar

    • 1½ oz. mezcal (Cooper recommends Del Maguey Vida Single Village Mezcal)

    • 1 oz. ginger beer

    • ¾ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

    • ¾ oz. passion fruit puree (Cooper recommends Boiron brand)

    • 1 piece candied ginger, for garnish

    • 1 pinch ground chile, for garnish


  1. Muddle the 3 cucumber slices and agave nectar in a cocktail shaker, and then add all the remaining ingredients, except the garnishes.

  2. Shake with ice, then fine-strain into a chilled rocks glass over ice.

  3. Garnish with a piece of candied ginger and a slice of cucumber on a toothpick and a pinch of ground chile.

Recipe excerpted with permission from Finding Mezcal: A Journey into the Liquid Soul of Mexico, by Ron Cooper