A man sits with a glass of champagne on a couch in a decorated living room

Arts & Culture

A painter known for his vibrant Creole portraits brings his eye for the extraordinary to the Lowcountry

A portrait of a man standing outside in front of a hanging quilt

Arts & Culture

An Alabama textile artist pieces together his vision of home

A man and woman stand in an art gallery in front of a red and black painting

Arts & Culture

A pair of young gallerists brings the global art scene to the heart of Atlanta

A portrait of a woman wearing an orange top

Arts & Culture

A curator connects gallery walls to Southern neighborhoods

A woman in a black suit stands in a gallery next to a totemic head sculpture with many eyes and red glaze that says "Raven Halfmoon" on the side

Arts & Culture

An artist from the Caddo Nation shapes a storyline both ancient and new

A portrait of a man with a striped shirt.

Arts & Culture

In Charleston, South Carolina, a big dreamer shakes up the status quo

A portrait of a man with dark hair against a green background

Arts & Culture

A Georgia photographer sharpens his focus on the American story

A portrait of a woman in a green top wearing a pink necklace

Arts & Culture

An art director for a Miami real estate heavyweight advocates for creativity on a huge scale

A woman stands in an art conservation studio with a large painting on an easel behind her

Arts & Culture

With each scan and brushstroke, a detail-oriented conservator proves that the past still matters

A woman sits at a desk and works on a taxidermy duck

Arts & Culture

From her Virginia studio, a taxidermist resurrects the beauty of the field

A man stands in a swamp with a camera

Land & Conservation

Through alligators, cypress trees, panthers, spoonbills, and ghost orchids, Mac Stone invites everyone to experience—and care about—what’s in our backyards and beyond

A group of cypress trees in a swamp with a purple sky

Land & Conservation

The Gainesville conservationist captured roaming Florida panthers, rainbows over tree islands, and basking alligators in the name of saving the “river of grass”

Two men sit at a table during an interview in a rustic office.

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Watch the author’s conversation at the G&G offices

A grand stone building

Arts & Culture

In her new novel, Joy Callaway takes readers to the legendary Asheville hotel during its construction in the 1910s

a wood background with 10 bottles of bourbon surrounding a book.

Arts & Culture

Aaron Goldfarb, the author of the new book Dusty Booze, on an impossible-to-find rum, the search for Howard Hughes’ stash, and why vintage bourbons are better

Home & Garden

A gorgeous new book from Haskell Harris will delight interior-design lovers

A girl sits on the floor in an art studio with paintings around her. She wears a blue, red, and white patterned skirt and a white blouse.

Editor's Letter

Southern creativity takes center stage in our first-ever arts issue

A vintage photo of two women; the one on the left wears a light teal sweater, the one on the right wears a pink dress.

Arts & Culture

Decades later, those dainty florals still hold a powerful grip on the South

Left to right, from top: A woman stands in a doorway with a black cat and wears a colorful dress; a rainbow of paint in small glasses; vintage goods on shelves in a store; a painting of a cow outside; inside a social hall with white paneled walls and a leather couch; a sculpture with two round pieces stacked on a wood cube.


Seek out handcrafted treasures at these small-but-mighty towns dotted across the region

A woman with sunglasses smiles and sits by a pool

Arts & Culture

March’s standout series and movies with Southern ties