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The Best Books for (and about) Southerners of 2023

Top cookbooks, novels, and memoirs that explored the story-filled region

A hexagon-patterned quilt with black, pink, red, green, and light blue fabric on a lighter orange border.

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Unspooling Kentucky’s Legacy of Quilts and Quiltmakers

A new book dives deep on generations of women and their artful archive of the state’s history

A woman with her hand under her chin

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The Shape-Shifting Sarah Paulson

There’s no role the Florida native can’t make her own

A rainbow of suits on a clothing rack

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A South Carolina Designer’s Colorful Rise

The Columbia Museum of Art celebrates Sergio Hudson’s decade in fashion with a new retrospective

A collage of a woman with flowers against a sunset

This Land

Cultivating Creativity at a Poet’s Sanctuary

The late Anne Spencer crafted a Virginia home and garden that nurtured other artists—and still does

Three boots are laid of from the state collection: Wyoming (a brown boot with darker red details and the state capitol building), West Virginia (a blue boot with a pink flower, cardinal, and berries), and Alabama (a yellow and grey boot with the capitol building).

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These Vintage, State-Themed Cowboy Boots From Lucchese Are Made for Wowing

Take a peek at the midcentury collection

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A Look Inside First Light, the “Unmistakably Austin” Bookshop in an Old Post Office

A meeting place for good books and good neighbors


Ron Rash’s Ghostly Inspirations

The graveyard perched over the Rash North Carolina farm has long whispered to the writer—he just needed to listen

Home & Garden

For the Love of Cheap Old Houses

In a captivating new book, the duo behind the popular Instagram account set the story straight on small Southern towns, shiplap, and why so many fading homes still have stories to tell

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Two New Reads that Reckon with Family History

A pair of writers hold the past—and themselves—to account


Seven Whimsical Southern Sculpture Gardens

Across the South, public art abounds in beautiful settings

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The Junior League of Charleston Marks a Century of Serving—and Preserving—Its Home City

In guidebooks and in cookbooks, the organization has kept one eye on the past and another on the needs of the present

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Adapting the World of Michael Farris Smith

The prolific Oxford, Mississippi, author on his two new movies, cataclysmic weather events, and being labeled Southern gothic

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Six Retro Cartoon Characters Who Were (Probably) Definitely Southern

Remember Wally Gator, Foghorn Leghorn, and these other stars of Saturday morning?

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Barn Again: A Woodworker Reimagines a Family Heirloom

A new dining set with a meaningful past brings loved ones to the table once more


There’s No Place Like North Carolina’s Land of Oz

All yellow brick roads lead to this charming little theme park in North Carolina


One Hundred Years of Hank Williams’s Musical Legacy in Montgomery

Hey good lookin’—visitors from all over the world descend on the city for Hank’s hundredth birthday celebration this September

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The Making of Selma the Musical

Mississippi artists hope to find a Broadway home for the traveling production

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A Guide to the South’s Best Fall Literary Festivals

Where to encounter the latest page-turners and the authors behind them

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The Bold and Generous Spirit of Lee Smith

No one has tapped into Southern truths quite like the Virginia-raised author, whose fifteen novels span Appalachia to the Florida Keys. Just ask the legion of writers who praise Smith for guiding their own stories