Food & Drink

Your Guide to Savoring Tequila Like a Southerner

How to sip, infuse, and truly experience the storied spirit

Food & Drink

Southern Food Buff Matt Lee Puts on His Farmer Hat

The noted cookbook author believes Southern whole grains are the next big thing—so he’s growing them himself

Food & Drink

Peachy Pecan Pie Pancake for Mother’s Day

Show your mama some love with this beautiful Southern breakfast

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G&G Party Pics

Dockside Dinner Party

G&G hosted an exclusive evening on the Charleston harbor.

Arts & Culture

Step Into Nigel Parry’s Sensory-Rich Southern Landscapes

Mysterious, hazy, awash with color—Parry’s latest show, Portraits of Landscape, captures the momentary magic of South Carolina waterways on film

This Land

Cracking the Crab Code

Declawing a fear of the crustaceans leads to a lesson in sustainable seafood

Food & Drink

For Chef Mike Lata, Food Is Good. Really Good

Celebrating twenty years of Charleston’s FIG restaurant with memories of those crazy early days—and three recipes from the vault

Food & Drink

Smoky Ribs with Makhani Sauce and Turmeric Potatoes

Southern ribs get northern Indian treatment in this robust dish from Charleston’s Coterie

Arts & Culture

Southern Thriller Writer Stacy Willingham Shares Her Secrets

A best-selling crime novelist on building suspense, her go-to spots around Charleston, and her new book’s surprising tie to G&G

Food & Drink

Jammy Mignonette Marinated Eggs

Southern pickled eggs get a lively upgrade for your Easter spread

Food & Drink

An Egg Salad Sandwich to Rival Augusta National’s

A Co-Op copycat of the tournament’s staple sandwich

What's in season

Spring for Pea Tendrils

Put springtime on the plate with earthy, flavorful green shoots


Sporting Art Gems on the Block

Historic decoys, dog paintings, a rare folk art find, and more highlights from the online Copley Winter Sale

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G&G Party Pics

SEWE Cocktails & Conservation 2021

G&G and SEWE hosted another year of Cocktails & Conservation in Charleston

Food & Drink

Why a Beet Margarita Will Be Your New Favorite Cocktail

A classic cocktail gets a healthy pink flush courtesy of Charleston’s Basic Kitchen

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G&G Party Pics

Bourbon & Bounty

Friends of G&G gathered at the magazine’s Charleston headquarters for an intimate Southern supper prepared by chefs Cheetie Kumar, Jason Stanhope, and Matt Bolus

Food & Drink

A First Look at Charleston’s Newest Italian Restaurant, Sorelle

Two historic buildings on Broad Street see new life—and plenty of pasta and pizza

The Wild South

Five Can’t-Miss Stops at SEWE

With the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition set to kick off this month, our Wild South columnist (and SEWE regular) breaks down what’s at the top of his itinerary at the outdoors blowout


A Notebook-Inspired Cocktail: Between the Streets

Spread the love with this bright and balanced sipper and its sweet garnish


How Two Southern Restaurant Vets Whipped the World’s Toughest Row

Ben Towill and Charlie Layton, aka “the Dreamboats,” swapped whisks for oars in an epic race across the Atlantic