Fly Fishing

A woman teaches another woman how to attach a fly to a rod in a river


The angler, author, and instructor on her greatest catch and how to cast 161 feet

A group of people standing behind the counter in a fly fishing store.

The Wild South

A new online film series highlights the shops and people who keep waters healthy and anglers happy

Chico Fernández gives the game fish in Florida’s Everglades National Park a brief break.


After fleeing the island as a teenager, Chico Fernández landed in Florida, where he would stumble into a trio of fishy friends, eventually quit his corporate job, and go on to make a lasting mark among anglers

Champions of Conservation

This Texas fly guide is hooking up the Lower Colorado with cleaner waters


There’s no other place on earth quite like Alaska, the great land, where fishing expeditions for its renowned trout and king salmon still come with bush planes, epic views, brown bear sightings, and these days, plenty of luxury, too


When he’s not crafting vibrant fishing lures or playing the banjo in his magic show, Kyle Jarrard is hooking monsters on the Chattooga and other Georgia waterways


Don’t let the kids hog all the fun


For groups of full-of-potential youngsters for whom hope is hard to come by, time on Idaho’s Snake River with a fly rod in hand, guides at the ready, and a whole lot of love can be a life-changing experience

Arts & Culture

Timothy Stammen brings trained hands and an angler’s eye to his bespoke creations

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G&G Party Pics

G&G launches its fifth annual Cast & Blast event at Grosse Savanne Lodge in Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Wild South

As the weather warms, make sure you have these proven offerings in your fly box

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G&G Party Pics

G&G hosts its ninth annual Ladies’ Fly Fishing excursion in Cashiers, NC

This Land

Two women cast for trout, and other things that lie beneath the surface


On the back of a determined West Virginian—and private landowners and government agencies
alike—the vaunted and cherished brook trout just might be making a miracle comeback


The latest from Orvis, the Helios 3 Blackout, makes the right kind of waves

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G&G Party Pics

The annual Women in the Field fly-fishing excursion in Cashiers, North Carolina



Cashiers, North Carolina

A signature Women in the Field experience by G&G


The limited-edition fly reel inspired by the iconic bourbon brand and a new book will hit shelves this spring

Hurricane Relief

Fund established to help with recovery from Dorian

The Sporting Life

While they may not get the attention of the storied waters out West, two East Tennessee rivers—the South Holston and the Watauga—hold the kind of brown and rainbow trout that usually only swim through anglers’ dreams. Welcome to the Tennessee Tailwaters