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Garden & Gun Club 5-Year Anniversary Party

An anniversary celebration with Crypton fabrics at the Garden & Gun Club


Sam Davis’s Sweet Potato Pie

This easy dessert from the Garden & Gun Club is a merging of traditions



Tipple Talk with Greg Hojnacki

Meet the bartender at Garden & Gun Club at Stitzel-Weller Distillery

Food & Drink

Cauliflower Power

With help of herby chermoula, this fried brassica starter fully realizes the flavors of fall


A Perfect Paper Plane Cocktail

Louisville’s Garden & Gun Club shares a modern classic with a dash of rosemary

Editor's Letter

Restoring an Heirloom Dutch Oven

Knocking the rust off salvaged cast-iron

Sold Out


Atlanta, GA

Sunday Supper with Scott & April Franqueza

Celebrate the timeless tradition of Sunday suppers with some of the region’s finest culinary talent for a ​​three-course family-style dinner


A Refreshing Remix of Classic Shrimp and Grits

Chef Sam Davis adds a sweet Creole spin to a Southern favorite

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G&G Party Pics

Fifth Annual Stitzel-Weller Affair

Blade and Bow and Garden & Gun host the fifth annual Stitzel-Weller Affair


Louisville, KY

Fifth Annual Stitzel-Weller Affair

G&G partners with Blade and Bow to support its annual Stitzel-Weller Affair


The Christmas Vacation

From the Garden & Gun Club in Atlanta, a holiday sipper that tastes like a tropical getaway


A Zesty Sweet Potato Cheesecake

A sweet yet surprising dessert from the Garden & Gun Club in Atlanta


The Curveball

In honor of Atlanta’s World Series run, mix this Braves-inspired cocktail from the Garden & Gun Club


Lemon Pie by Ann Kim

The Garden & Gun Club chef takes on the beloved Southern dessert


The Lemonade Stand

This citrus-forward refresher, created by Garden & Gun Club bartender Corey Newton, packs an endless summer feel

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G&G Party Pics

A Southern Bourbon Soirée

An exclusive dinner with Louisville Tourism celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month

Food & Drink

The Garden & Gun Club’s Signature Pimento Cheese

A punchy take on the Southern classic

Food & Drink

Stadium-Quality Peanuts at Home

A baseball season staple at the Garden & Gun Club, chef Ann Kim’s boiled peanuts make for a perfect anytime snack

Food & Drink

Darius King’s Carrot Cake Muffins

The Garden & Gun Club sous chef gives this springtime favorite the bite-size treatment

Food & Drink

Chef Ann Kim’s Fried Green Tomatoes

The Garden & Gun Club chef offers up the basics for the iconic Southern hors d’oeuvre