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An All-Star Appalachian Pork Burger

Slathered with apple-butter-onion-jam and crowned with pickles and slaw, North Carolina’s Over Yonder burger is a taste of the mountain South you can make at home

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How to Win the Tailgate

One of the South’s top chefs shares his game-day secrets

Food & Drink

Three Fundamentals of Backyard Smoking

Good wood, well-designed tongs, and a rig you can rely on might be all that stands between you and pit mastery

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Grilled Tomatoes with a French Kiss

Herbs and sea salt adorn Tomatoes Provençales

Food & Drink

Grilled Peach Toast with Pimento Cheese

Chef Todd Richards blends two Southern classics for a sweet and savory treat

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Jalapeño Poppers

The after-hunt snack, done right

Anatomy of a Classic

Grilled Rib-Eye Tacos

Two San Antonio chefs whose dishes dive deep into Mexican culinary history share their recipe for the ultimate family taco night

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Better Burger Toppers

A solid roster of quality homemade condiments


Grilled Chainey Briar

A beach-loving plant that has chefs going wild

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Soft-Shell Crab Season: Grilled

Kick off cookout season with crab on the grill

grouper hot and hot fish club

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Hot and Hot’s Simple Grilled Fish

A smoky, sweet grouper with tomato, avocado, and Vidalia onions

Food & Drink

Martha Hall Foose’s Mustard-Rubbed Ribs

A sweet and spicy recipe that does ribs some serious justice