John Currence

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How John Currence Does Tailgating

The beloved Oxford, Mississippi–based chef’s new book, Tailgreat, offers wisdom and recipes for the game-day spread—whether you’ve got a game to attend or not

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Day-Old Croissant and Sausage “Bread Pudding”

A perfect pregame meal for those noontime kick-offs

Food & Drink

Alabama Firecrackers and Fried Chicken Salad

A craveable, snackable tailgating must from the chef John Currence

Food & Drink

Easy as Pie Oven BBQ Ribs

An at-home hack for that hours-on-the-smoker flavor

Food & Drink

Big Bad Breakfast Egg Bake

Chef John Currence’s ultimate one-dish breakfast

Food & Drink

Why Duke’s Mayonnaise Matters

In the South, one condiment reigns supreme

Good Dog

A Chef’s Shadow

From the kitchen to the baseball diamond, Calpurnia knew her way around a plate

Food & Drink

No-Fail Thanksgiving Turkey

Chef John Currence shares his tips for the perfect holiday bird

Anatomy of a Classic

Oyster Madeleine

This crowd-pleasing casserole combines two Louisiana standards