A North Carolina Oyster Oracle

Ryan Bethea wants everyone in the state to be able to get their hands on fresh bivalves

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How Many Chews Are in an Oyster?

Ask a Southerner if you want a strong opinion…

Food & Drink

Can You Really Only Eat Oysters in “R” Months?

The team at South Carolina’s Barrier Island Oyster Co. shells out their knowledge

The Wild South

The Case for Grilling Your Oysters

Nothing against the traditional roast, but while the oyster-getting is good, fire up the grill

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How to Roast Oysters at Home

Grab an oyster knife and get ready to shuck—enjoying the wintertime tradition is easier than it looks


An Elevated Oyster Shooter

Tip back a taste of Louisiana

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Think You’re Fast at Shucking Oysters? Watch the Pros Go at It

Two Southerners shine at the U.S. championships, where both speed and presentation matter

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How Chef Adam Evans Grills Oysters

The chef is coming home to Alabama, with Automatic Seafood & Oysters, opening this March in Birmingham. Here’s a preview of his menu—and his favorite oyster-grilling technique

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Oyster Spaghetti

Turn one of the season’s best ingredients into a warming winter meal

Land & Conservation

Hope on the Half Shell

Caretakers of a generations-old seafood business in the historic Georgia community of Harris Neck, a father and son look toward the promise of modern oyster farming to preserve a legacy—and a way of life—inextricably tied to the water

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A Field Guide to Southern Oysters

Food & Drink

Five Southern-Forged Oyster Knives

Be ready for a roast or raw bar with these top-notch shuckers


Beauty on the Half Shell

Love infuses a historic—and exquisite—set of oyster plates

Food & Drink

The Ordinary’s Smoked Oysters

Get the recipe for one of Charleston’s favorite bites

Food & Drink

Chesapeake Oyster Stew

A Baltimore chef’s time-tested take on an Eastern Shore tradition

Why We Love The Gulf

Know Your Oyster: The Apalachicola

What makes them great, why they’re in danger, and where you can shuck one at its freshest

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Southern Soul Barbeque’s Smoked Oyster Spread

A winter party favorite

Food & Drink

A Southern Oyster Bar Revival

Celebrate the South’s bivalve renaissance at one of these new oyster bars

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Inside The South’s Newest Oyster Bars

Celebrating the Southern bivalve renaissance

Food & Drink

Southern Secret: The Pea Crab

For many oyster lovers, this small orange crab is a happy surprise