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How to Roast Oysters at Home

Grab an oyster knife and get ready to shuck—enjoying the wintertime tradition is easier than it looks


An Elevated Oyster Shooter

Tip back a taste of Louisiana

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Think You’re Fast at Shucking Oysters? Watch the Pros Go at It

Two Southerners shine at the U.S. championships, where both speed and presentation matter

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How Chef Adam Evans Grills Oysters

The chef is coming home to Alabama, with Automatic Seafood & Oysters, opening this March in Birmingham. Here’s a preview of his menu—and his favorite oyster-grilling technique

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Oyster Spaghetti

Turn one of the season’s best ingredients into a warming winter meal

Land & Conservation

Hope on the Half Shell

Caretakers of a generations-old seafood business in the historic Georgia community of Harris Neck, a father and son look toward the promise of modern oyster farming to preserve a legacy—and a way of life—inextricably tied to the water

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A Field Guide to Southern Oysters

Food & Drink

Five Southern-Forged Oyster Knives

Be ready for a roast or raw bar with these top-notch shuckers


Beauty on the Half Shell

Love infuses a historic—and exquisite—set of oyster plates

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The Ordinary’s Smoked Oysters

Get the recipe for one of Charleston’s favorite bites

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Chesapeake Oyster Stew

A Baltimore chef’s time-tested take on an Eastern Shore tradition

Why We Love The Gulf

Know Your Oyster: The Apalachicola

What makes them great, why they’re in danger, and where you can shuck one at its freshest

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Southern Soul Barbeque’s Smoked Oyster Spread

A winter party favorite

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A Southern Oyster Bar Revival

Celebrate the South’s bivalve renaissance at one of these new oyster bars

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Inside The South’s Newest Oyster Bars

Celebrating the Southern bivalve renaissance

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Southern Secret: The Pea Crab

For many oyster lovers, this small orange crab is a happy surprise


5 Reasons to Hit Virginia’s New Oyster Trail

The Commonwealth is the largest producer of wild-catch and farm-raised oysters in the country

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Green Mignonette Recipe

A flavorful sauce for oysters on the half shell

Fork in the Road

Athen’s Seabear Oyster Bar

Georgia’s Seabear embodies the best of a new breed of oyster bar


Cannery Show

A lifelong Marylander preserves eye-catching emblems of oyster history