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A black and white portrait of a woman

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Born in West Virginia, Ada “Bricktop” Smith taught Paris to do the Charleston. A new Smithsonian exhibition shines a light on her and other influential women of the Lost Generation.

The front of a white house with brown trim and details. A brick walking path curls in front of the yard and shows a bronze statue of a man and a horse.

Arts & Culture

With a simple walnut desk and stories to fill volumes, President Lincoln’s retreat is a heartbreaking time capsule of American history


A guide to three whistle-stop destinations that deserve a longer look than you’d get through a car window


Rodney Stotts’s journey with falconry means knowing when to let go


Meet the owner of Appointed, whose “notebook bar” is just one of the cool nooks she loves in the capital

Arts & Culture

See the new musical about the American icon at Washington, D.C.’s Arena Stage

Arts & Culture

How the designer Frankie Welch found inspiration in her Georgia roots

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This spring, check out the debut of the exhibition The Luxury of Clay: Porcelain Past and Present at the Hillwood estate in D.C.

Good Dog

An expressive companion helps his human find her calling

Fork in the Road

Finding comfort in the classics at Johnny’s Half Shell in Washington, D.C.

Sold Out


Washington, D.C.

A special evening celebrating Angel’s Envy bourbon paired with a four course dinner

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Arts & Culture

D.C. photographer captures office pups on both sides of the aisle


For the first time in three years, one of the largest flowers in the world is blooming at the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory.


Pineapples and Pearls, chef Aaron Silverman’s beautiful new restaurant in Capitol Hill, is a special-occasion outing

Arts & Culture

The exhibit is designed to celebrate the historic space it inhabits with nine immersive installations


The Super Bowl trophy’s namesake spent his largely forgotten last season trying to turn a scruffy team of Southerners into NFL champions

Food & Drink

In a city divided, it’s a democratic approach to white tablecloth dining.

Arts & Culture

Small steeds show off an impressive tenacity at the Washington International Horse Show


Local chefs are rediscovering homegrown ingredients


A historic cocktail