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Southern Showman: Interview with Alton Brown

The veteran front man of food TV, riffs about his Georgia roots, coconut cake, and the Allman Brothers

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The Southern A-List: Chadwick Boseman

From Jackie Robinson to James Brown, an actor who's getting used to walking in the footsteps of giants

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Advice from Southern Fathers

It’s true what they say: Father really does know best

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The Southern A-List: Anna Camp

A lemonade break with Hollywood's busiest supporting actress

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The Lunch Counter

Fifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, a look at the past and promise of the most democratic restaurant space of all

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William Faulkner's Hollywood Odyssey

The biggest name in Southern lit didn’t spend his whole life in Mississippi

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Southern Masters: David Bates

How Dallas artist David Bates shook free of convention and rose to the top of the country's art scene

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The Southern A-List: Dale Dickey

Talking shop with Hollywood's reigning queen of Southern gothic

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Memphis Timekeepers

Preserving a centuries-old tradition one spring and pin at a time

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Part I: Great Southern Romances

G&G readers share photos of their families' love stories

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