Jenny Adams

City Guide

Visiting Birmingham: G&G’s Guide to the Alabama City

The biggest town in Alabama is full of small charms and memorable flavors—here are our picks for new sights and classic delights


Long Live the King

A cocktail for toasting to Elvis Presley, on the forty-fifth anniversary of his death


Sip Your Baklava

A new Nashville hotspot celebrates the Middle Eastern dessert—in cocktail form


Life Lessons with Charlie Gabriel

At eighty-nine, the New Orleans jazz icon celebrates a debut album—and more milestones

Food & Drink

Five Must-Try Southern Martinis

Bars across the region are shaking up the classic cocktail

Good Dogs

All Hail the Krewe of Barkus

A visual dispatch from the New Orleans dog parade


Hit the Holiday High and the Low with Champagne Jell-O Shots

Toast the season with Dolly Parton–themed treats


Haiti’s Native Spirit Makes the Leap to the South

The sugarcane-based clairin is popping up at bars and shops around the region


Antoine Peychaud’s New Orleans Legacy Lives on in a New Bar

A twist of fate leads to a cocktail destination in the bitters inventor’s former residence

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Arts & Culture

A Visual Romp Through the New Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans


Mai Tais at Home, Made Easier

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry has created a delicious solution to a difficult drink recipe


Your Daily Dose of Vinegar

Why Southern drinking vinegars have become something to sip about, both on their own and in cocktails

Food & Drink

Friday Lunch Reservations at Galatoire’s? Yes, for the First Time Since 1905

In New Orleans, storied and new restaurants alike pivot in the age of COVID

Food & Drink

NOLA’s Newest Po’ Boy Has a Surprise Ingredient

At the recently reopened Seed, oysters and shrimp get a wacky-but-wonderful oceanic replacement—kelp

Food & Drink

Inside NOLA’s Newest Neighborhood Joint

Get a taste of Thalia, the new restaurant from the acclaimed duo behind Coquette

Food & Drink

Chef Kristen Essig’s Big-Batch Bolognese

The house Bolognese sauce at Thalia, NOLA’s newest neighborhood joint, is an old-school, comforting recipe—as at-home on noodles as it is on nachos

Food & Drink

Where to Locate the Loquats

One of the season’s most fleeting fruits is appearing on menus around the South… but not for long. Here’s where to taste it


Shuck Shack Limonade

A Texas limonade cocktail


Reclaiming the Hurricane

This might surprise you, but you’ve likely never had a real Hurricane cocktail


Making the Perfect Mint Julep

We asked Alba Huerta of Julep in Houston, Texas, to share her tips for mixing perfect mint julep every time