Best of the Sporting South


  • Made in the South Awards

    A pair of cocktail masters take the guesswork out of the old-fashioned Bittermilk

  • Made in the South Awards

    Woodworker Michael Moran merges an ancient technique with modern design

  • Food & Drink

    From boudin that’s gone global to a Caesar that’s all Florida to smoke-kissed chicken with an Alabama shimmer, these 2013 favorites from the hungriest man in the South are a serious helping of Dixie flavor––classic and contemporary

  • Sporting

    For half a millennium, in a small valley in Italy, one family has been producing some of the finest guns in the world

  • Made in the South Awards

    From heirloom-quality banjos to alligator-charred furniture to an ingenious twist on the old-fashioned, Southern artisans continue to raise the bar on craftsmanship

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