Husk Nashville’s Grilled Country Ham and Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Southern favorites unite for melty goodness

Photo: Katrina Martinez

Executive Chef Ben Norton of Husk Nashville calls this combo of Southern staples a “no-brainer,” but the flavor balance feels pretty genius. This sandwich hits all the right notes in a chorus of savory ham and creamy pimento cheese, with a burst of chow chow to brighten things up. Norton uses house-made chow chow but offers an outsourcing suggestion (below) that will get you as close to Husk quality as possible.



  1. To make the pimento cheese: Combine the cream cheese and hot sauce in a food processor, then fold together the remaining ingredients. 

  2. To assemble the sandwich: Spread butter on both sides of the bread and toast one side in a sauté pan until golden brown. Spread a little pimento cheese onto the toasted side of the bread, followed by the country ham and chow chow. Place the other slice of toasted bread on top, with the toasted side facing the sandwich fillings. Finally, toast the outsides of the assembled sandwich until golden brown. 

  3. Chef’s tip: It’s best if both sides of the bread are toasted to help the bread stand up to the ingredients.