Yellow Hammer: A Cocktail for Alabama

The potent tailgate staple is pretty straightforward—like a run up the middle

The Yellow Hammer, also known as the Northern Flicker, is Alabama’s state bird. But during University of Alabama football games, the Yellow Hammer is a bird of a different color. It’s a potent tailgate star, packing five ounces of alcohol in a serving. The home of the Yellow Hammer is Gallettes, a bar inside the Campus Party Store near Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa that’s been serving them to Bama fans in iconic yellow plastic tumblers since 1976. Gallettes has never shared the exact recipe, but there are plenty of versions of it sloshing around online. If you can’t get to Tuscaloosa, this will get you close.


    • 2 oz. vodka

    • 2 oz. white rum

    • 1 oz. amaretto

    • 4 oz. orange juice

    • 7 oz. pineapple juice


  1. Mix all ingredients and serve in a 20 oz. cup over ice.