A collage of three photos. On the right a cardinal, on the left a bird with red speckles, in the center a clear bird feeder with a camera attached.


A smart bird feeder, a bounty of garden seeds, avian artwork, and more thoughtful finds to delight both birders and feathered friends

A male painted bunting

Land & Conservation

A songbird that looks dipped in paint, a delicate pink wader, and an iridescent duck—learn what gives these beautiful birds their color, plus how to spot them

A woman sits at a desk and works on a taxidermy duck

Arts & Culture

From her Virginia studio, a taxidermist resurrects the beauty of the field

A yellow bird sits in the branches of a tree

Land & Conservation

My quest to identify an ultra-rare species in my Charleston yard attracted birders from near and far—and sparked unexpected, shared joy

A yellow American finch perches on top of a coneflower in a field of coneflowers.

Home & Garden

Feathered friends will sing their praises over these native blooming vines, seed-laden flowers, and berry bushes. Plus: Tips and tricks for taking a naturalist approach to gardening

A black-chinned hummingbird in flight

Land & Conservation

An unlikely team opens a window into the secret lives of the tiny animals

A morning sky with ducks in flight; a body of water below shows ducks on the water

The Wild South

What the numbers from this year’s waterfowl survey mean for ducks and duck hunters

Arts & Culture

A classically trained portrait artist in London turns to birds


A hunter journeys to the famed Red Hills in pursuit of the storied bobwhite, those doing everything they can to bring it back, and his own family’s legacy

Land & Conservation

“No one has ever seen anything like this,” one expert says

Land & Conservation

The struggle to prove the majestic bird still exists has obsessed believers and exasperated doubters for a century. Now photographer Bobby Harrison is racing to document the species once and for all before the government declares it extinct

Arts & Culture

Florida birds fly to life in John Costin’s prints

Land & Conservation

Communities join forces to help a native bird flourish

Land & Conservation

Raptors at a Florida bird sanctuary get a diet boost thanks to Hunters for the Hungry


Rodney Stotts’s journey with falconry means knowing when to let go


For a passionate birder, duck hunting triggers an unexpected lesson

Field Guide

Songbirds, raptors, hummingbirds…everybody is on the move. Here are some tips for spotting (and supporting) the feathered globetrotters—plus an exciting new tool from Audubon

The Wild South

A stunning new IMAX film highlights one of the most important regions on the continent for ducks, cranes, and many more winged visitors to the South


The annual hummingbird migration returns to the South, and one little Texas house puts out a big, sweet welcome