Good Dog

Good Dog

Ghost Dog

In the wilds of Old Florida, a strange dog from a foreign land proves canine loyalty knows no bounds

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Arts & Culture

The Dogs of Capitol Hill

D.C. photographer captures office pups on both sides of the aisle

Good Dog

Old Man, New Tricks

A novelist discovers it’s never too late to love a pup

Good Dogs

Welcome to G&G’s 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

Enter your pup’s picture in this year’s version of our ever-popular feature

Good Dog

Finding Juno

A sickly and unadoptable shelter dog helps mend a grieving owner’s broken heart

Good Dog

The Canine Stand-In

A country mutt helps a father get through his own separation anxiety

Good Dogs

Woody the Very Good Rescue Dog

A family’s yellow Lab plunged into frigid water to save a boater outside Savannah

Good Dog

The Buddy System

A high-strung mutt learns to relax, with a little help from a friend

The Manual of Southern Know-How

How to Train Your Own Gun Dog

Get your bird every time by laying a strong foundation

Good Dog

One Last Toss

While saying goodbye to a friend’s buoyant Boykin, a veterinarian reflects on the toughest part of his job

Good Dog

Mutually Reclusive

On a small North Carolina farm, two anxious souls make one fine pair

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Good Dogs

Good Dog Photo Contest: A Look Back

Here are the pups that won or received honorable mentions in the 2016 and 2015 contests

Sporting Scene

Curl Power: Poodles Return to the Field

A Georgia trainer revives the reputation of a historic gundog

Good Dog

Chasing the Blues

When a family needed to find home again, Shorty led the way

Good Dogs

Meet the Rescue Dogs—Who Become the Rescuers

Six teams of canines and their human handlers are heading to Florida to help conduct searches after Irma blows over

G&G Bracket

G&G’s Ultimate Dog Breed Bracket

Vote for your favorites in our version of March Madness

Good Dog

Walk Me!

How a soulful pug named James Brown helped a writer regain his stride

Good Dog

A Mythic Mutt

An exuberant stray named Troy proves that sometimes the last thing you want is just the thing you need

Arts & Culture

Giving Pit Bulls a Chance

North Carolina author Bronwen Dickey on what she learned writing her book, Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon

Sporting Scene

The Quail Field Primeval

How a North Carolina plantation turned back the clock on bobwhite habitat