Fall Recipes

Food & Drink

Bourbon Salted Caramel Cheesecake with Pralines

A truly decadent dessert from Charleston’s WildFlour Pastry

Food & Drink

Apple Jack Stack Cake

A perfectly imperfect dessert that brings people together

Food & Drink

Duck with Satsuma Sauce

A centerpiece dish worth a little extra effort

Food & Drink

Natchitoches Meat Pies

Hearty handheld bites that have become a Louisiana tradition

Food & Drink

John Lewis’ Hatch Chile-Cheese Biscuits

To celebrate his favorite fall harvest, the expat Texan pit master puts a southwestern spin on breakfast


Kentucky Hot Browns

No matter how you slice it, this classic will feed—and please—a crowd


Hot Apple Toddy

The cozy cure-all cocktail gets an apple twist


Bourbon-Spiked Spiced Hot Chocolate

A sweet recipe to combat the cold

Food & Drink

Southern Soul Barbeque’s Smoked Oyster Spread

A winter party favorite

Food & Drink

Chris Shepherd’s Texas Chili

You can’t do better than a batch of the good stuff

Food & Drink

Easy Turkey and Dressing Croquettes

A day-after Thanksgiving snack


American Orange Punch

Party like it’s 1829


A Bourbon Sour with a Twist

A very Southern cocktail

Anatomy of a Classic

Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts with Semolina Dumplings

Louisville chef Annie Pettry’s riff on chicken and dumplings blends Southern comfort with unexpected flavors

Food & Drink

How to Make Chicken Mull

Martin County Chicken Mull


Sir Isaac Newton Cocktail

A perfect fall cocktail


Corn Meets Corn Liquor

Bourbon wouldn’t be bourbon without corn


Field Guide: Pawpaw

Foragers’ fruit


An Old Old-Fashioned

Revisit the original recipe for this Southern favorite

The Southerner's Handbook

How to Mix a Stiff Punch

Mississippi’s bourbon punch