South Carolina

A collage of characters from Forrest Gump

Arts & Culture

Three decades after the release of the film, a collective story of its making reveals Gump still looms large in the lives of the stars and the locals who helped turn a movie no one wanted into an Oscar-winning smash

A man sits at a table with food with cameras pointed at him.

Food & Drink

Life’s heating up for the Greenville-born restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV star

A portrait of two women on a porch


Long before Beyoncé brought her back into the spotlight, the South Carolina country singer was breaking records and charting her own path

Otter pups on a swing

Land & Conservation

The six youngsters enjoy wrestling, playing chase, bothering mom, taking naps, and eating treats at their coastal South Carolina home

A man with gator bite marks, stitched up, on his arm

Land & Conservation

Three weeks after the terrifying encounter, Will Georgitis shares why he can’t wait to get back in the water, plus safety tips for other river divers

A man in a suit holds papers at a desk

Arts & Culture

The Today show host talks about his new children’s book, growing up in South Carolina, and the best parenting advice Al Roker ever gave him

Arts & Culture

The Demon of Unrest, Larson’s vivid depiction of the lead-up to the Civil War, is a masterclass in reportage and storytelling

Plated Coriander Cured Venison Loin

The Wild South

The South Carolina–based chef and outdoorsman brings an inspiring approach to wild game and fish. Get his recipe for coriander-cured venison loin

Arts & Culture

The debut novel of lawyer Caroline Cleveland evokes haunting true stories

A portrait of a man with a striped shirt.

Arts & Culture

In Charleston, South Carolina, a big dreamer shakes up the status quo

A man stands in a swamp with a camera

Land & Conservation

Through alligators, cypress trees, panthers, spoonbills, and ghost orchids, Mac Stone invites everyone to experience—and care about—what’s in our backyards and beyond

A bowl of collard greens


The South Carolina singing chef hits a high note—and makes collard converts

Deviled crab salad inside a crab on a bowl of ice


Sinful? Heavenly? This gorgeous interpretation of a seafood classic is both

A woman wearing a grey tank top and white skirt playing tennis.

My Town

The breakout player of the year shares the spots she hits during her hometown Credit One Charleston Open

A river snakes through a sunlit canyon


Be it rugged mountains, desert, or swamp, the diversity of the South is best witnessed off the beaten path

Home & Garden

A gorgeous new book from Haskell Harris will delight interior-design lovers

Spectacular, sprawling live oak tree outside Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, which dates to 1852 and served as the seat of state government for 80 years. Designed by architect James Dakin, it now serves as a museum. Rather than mimic the national Capitol Building in Washington, as many other states had done, Dakin conceived a Neo-Gothic medieval-style castle overlooking the Mississippi. Fire destroyed most of the building during the U.S. Civil War of the 1850s. In 1882, it was rebuilt from scratch by architect William Freret, who installed the spiral staircase and stained-glass dome that are interior focal points.

Land & Conservation

A Lowcountry master arborist says yes—and shares how to help an aging tree’s chances

Inside a dark wood room with ornate paneling


Retreat to quiet luxury and grandeur at these meticulously restored historic properties

A sailboat in a blue bay with a rocky outcropping


It’d be fun to play castaway for a day in these natural wonderlands

An expansive dining room with a painted burgundy interior, wood floors, velvet grey booths, and tiled sides.


The colonial seaport town gets a hotel and restaurant combo full of sweet homages to the community