South Carolina

Arts & Culture

Why I Can’t Look Away from Ukraine

For novelist and South Carolina native Mark Powell, watching the war unfolding in Ukraine hits close to home

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Southern Highlights at Copley Fine Art Auctions Winter Sale

On March 4 and 5, bid on Frank S. Finney bird miniatures, an early swimming brant decoy, and Ogden M. Pleissner watercolors

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G&G Party Pics

SEWE Cocktails and Conservation 2022

G&G and SEWE host another year of Cocktails and Conservation in Charleston


Band of Horses Embrace Life’s Contrasts on the New Album Things Are Great

Catching up with frontman Ben Bridwell about the band’s chart-topping single, its first album in more than five years, and the draw of the Lowcountry


What’s New in Spartanburg, South Carolina

A local’s pick of the gems that shine in Sparkle City


Pearl Fryar’s Living Legacy Continues

The treasured South Carolina artist and topiary gardener now trains an apprentice

Editor's Letter

From the Editor: An Oyster Tradition

Gathering by the fire and making memories at a beach house built for family

Food & Drink

Grab an Authentic French Baguette at the (Former) Dairy Queen

On Hilton Head Island, locals guard their tastiest secret—French baker Philippe Feret’s line-out-the-door breads, cakes, and pastries


A Weekend in Bluffton, S.C.

Plan your escape to this enchanting Lowcountry enclave


Standing up for Lowcountry Bats

A disappearing species finds potential refuge on the Carolina coast

Food & Drink

The Best Cornbread Dressing in the World—My Grandmother’s

An ode to the Southern Thanksgiving staple and the family recipes that endure

What's In Season

South Carolina’s Perfect Pumpkin

For pies, loaves, and more, the Dutch Fork pumpkin reigns supreme

Arts & Culture

Through Her Lens: The Nearly Forgotten Photographer Who Really Saw the South

Meet North Carolina’s Bayard Wootten, a self-taught photographer whose images still speak

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G&G Party Pics

12th Annual Made in the South Awards

G&G and Explore Asheville celebrate this year’s top Southern makers

Editor's Letter

From the Editor: Looking After Loggerheads

A small team monitors a critical nesting habitat for loggerhead sea turtles

Land & Conservation

The Wild Story of a Whimbrel Migration Mystery

How a Southern scientist discovered the secret spot where tens of thousands of rare shorebirds recuperate

Food & Drink

A Dining Guide to Columbia, South Carolina

When it comes to adventurous dining, the South Carolina capital is full of surprises

Forgotten Southern Recipes

A Beginner’s Guide to Chicken Bog

Chicken, sausage, and rice come together in a potful of Carolina comfort—brought inside for home cooks in this twist by the Lee Brothers


A Noah’s Ark for Rare Turtles

Some of the world’s rarest species live and thrive in the South Carolina backcountry


An Unexpected Encounter in the Field

The land and wildlife manager at Palmetto Bluff goes on a turkey hunt—and gets the surprise of his life