Good Dogs

Good Dog

The Canine Retiree

A skittish stray becomes a senior community’s pet pandemic project

Good Dog

A Farmer’s Shadow

An aging and abandoned country dog finds his pack on a South Georgia farm

Good Dog

A Puzzling Pooch

On trying to understand
Winnie, the wonder-why-she-looks-like-that dog

Good Dog

Sibling Rivalry

The yin and yang of a pair of littermates turns out to be just the right mix of crazy

Good Dog

New Leash on Life

A walking routine puts pep in the steps of a lonely lab and a burned-out journalist


The Good Dog Photo Contest 2020

Meet the winners and runners-up of this year’s photo contest

good dog photo contest


Meet the Winners of the 2020 Good Dog Photo Contest

See the overall winner and other editors’ picks, the top readers’ choice vote getters, and lots more heartwarming and hilarious canines from this year’s contest

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Good Dogs in the Great Outdoors

Meet the runners, jumpers, and sportsmen of the Good Dog Photo Contest class of 2020

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2020 Good Dog Photo Contest

Good Dogs, Great Friends

The only thing better than one pup? Two. We love these groups of buddies from the 2020 Good Dog Photo Contest

Good Dog

An Unpredictable Pit-Hound with a Peculiar Problem

A medical mystery
flummoxes the owner of a
scrappy pit-hound mix

Good Dogs

Vote Now: G&G’s 2020 Good Dog Photo Contest

The entry period has ended, but you can still vote for your favorite pup in this year’s reader photo contest

Good Dogs

Strong Opinions on How to Name a Dog

As one G&G reader put it: “Be patient. The dog will tell you their name.”

Good Dog

Hearing the Call

A deaf owner trains a deaf Sheltie to help others in need

Good Dog

Letting Go of Leon

How a brown hound left town for a better life on the farm

Good dog

How a Steadfast Pup Helped an Author Find His Voice

A budding Mississippi writer learns a lot from his Lab mix

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Good Dogs

These Pups Made a Big Splash in Charleston

One of the highlights of the annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, S.C., is the DockDogs competition, in which canines of all types show off their leaping, swimming, and retrieving skills. Here’s a look at some of the pups that competed in 2020.

Good Dogs

Watch Out for the Whippets

At the popular DockDogs competitions, one unexpected breed has been making waves

Good Dogs

Will a Southern Breed Win Westminster This Year?

No breed from below the Mason-Dixon has ever won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show—yet


Meet the Florida Brewery Giving Rescue Dogs Their Close-Up

Bradenton’s Motorworks Brewing highlights adoptable pups on its four-packs

Good Dogs

Meet Our New Cover Model, George the Hound

The rescue is the first of his kind to appear on the G&G cover