An Elevated Oyster Shooter

Tip back a taste of Louisiana

Photo: Tim bower

Run-of-the-mill oyster shooters in a shot glass throw back fiery and fast. But when Jeff Mattia, the chef-owner at Pyre Provisions in Covington, Louisiana, wanted a shooter to savor, he grabbed a bottle of Tito’s and mixed in fresh juice and mild green Tabasco. Sure, it’s a little fancy, but this shooter hasn’t forgotten where it came from: “Gulf oysters are at least two bites,” Mattia says. “So our shooter is a big gulp.”


    • 4 oz. Tito’s vodka

    • 4 oz. green juice (Mattia juices spinach, celery, parsley, and lemon; you can make your own or use any store brand)

    • 1½ oz. Tabasco green pepper sauce

    • 2 oz. lemon juice

    • 2 dashes liquid smoke

    • 4 lime wedges

    • 1 tbsp. barbecue rub

    • 4 shucked oysters


  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the first five ingredients, add a scoop of ice, and shake well. Rim glasses with lime wedges and then dip in barbecue rub. Place an oyster in each glass, and pour cocktail mix over each oyster.