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Sue’s Carrot Sandwiches

Delicate party bites with a surprising scrumptious filling

Photo: Peter Frank Edwards

“Sue Stewart was my mother-in-law. She taught me so much about entertaining, cooking, and housekeeping. One of my first memories of being at her home was this petite bite-sized sandwich. Need to feed a crowd with appetizers? This is the one!” writes Vera Stewart in her new cookbook, The VeryVera Cookbook: Occasions. In our interview with her, she shares more about these pillowy morsels: “People cannot get enough of that filling, and nobody would ever dream that it was carrots.”


  • Sue’s Carrot Sandwiches (Yield: 40 tea sandwiches)

    • ½ pound carrots (about 2 to 3), peeled

    • ¼ cup ground pecans

    • 6 tbsp. mayonnaise, plus more for spreading

    • ¼ tsp. garlic salt, plus more to taste

    • ½ loaf white sandwich bread


  1. Roughly chop the carrots and place in a blender. Cover carrots with water and blend until smooth.

  2. Pour the blended carrots into a colander and squeeze out as much excess water as possible.

  3. Transfer to a large bowl and mix in the ground pecans, mayonnaise, and garlic salt.

  4. Trim the crust from the slices of bread and roll out each slice of bread with a rolling pin until very flat. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on each slice and top with a thin layer of the carrot mixture.

  5. Roll up like a jelly roll and cut into ½-inch pinwheels. Cover the sandwiches with a damp paper towel as you work, to keep them moist. Keep covered with the damp paper towels in the refrigerator until ready to serve. The sandwiches will hold up well for up to 24 hours.

From The VeryVera Cookbook: Occasions by Vera Stewart. Copyright © 2023 by Vera Stewart. Reprinted by permission of Vera Stewart and Story Farm.