Good Dog

Good Dog

Corgi Chaos: A Race for Glory at the Steeplechase of Charleston

Who will be crowned the fastest corgi in the Lowcountry?

Good Dog

A Nineteen-Year-Old Dallas Rescue Dog Checks Off Her Bucket List

With the love of her foster family, a gray-faced black Lab mix fills her days with gentle fun

good dog

Keeping Up with the Pack

Why settle for one dog when you can have five?

Good Dog

A Rescued Bird Dog With an Archaeologist’s Soul

A pup’s nose for history helps a writer unearth his family’s past

Good Dog

A Rescue Pup with the Soul of a Fish

Rivers, lakes, bayous: For an Alabama pound puppy, life began at the water

Good Dog

A Chattanoogan’s Delicate Dance with an Aging Cocker

A writer and her ailing spaniel share one more dance

Good Dogs

All Hail the Krewe of Barkus

A visual dispatch from the New Orleans dog parade

Southern Focus

Backstage at Westminster

Beyond the show’s spotlight, photographer Landon Nordeman captures good dogs and their handlers

Good Dog

A Perceptive Plott Hound Captures a Canine Researcher’s Heart

An expressive companion helps his human find her calling

Good Dog

How a Lab Made Peace with a Lovestruck Siamese

A hunting dog adjusts to life in the city with two rowdy felines

Good Dog

To the Dog I Loved First

Because you never forget the name of your first best friend

Good Dog

A Lab Who Never Strayed Far

From California campouts
to Mississippi swims, a loyal dog was always within reach

Good Dog

The Canine Retiree

A skittish stray becomes a senior community’s pet pandemic project

Good Dog

A Farmer’s Shadow

An aging and abandoned country dog finds his pack on a South Georgia farm

Good Dog

A Puzzling Pooch

On trying to understand
Winnie, the wonder-why-she-looks-like-that dog

Good Dog

Sibling Rivalry

The yin and yang of a pair of littermates turns out to be just the right mix of crazy

Good Dog

New Leash on Life

A walking routine puts pep in the steps of a lonely lab and a burned-out journalist

Good Dog

An Unpredictable Pit-Hound with a Peculiar Problem

A medical mystery
flummoxes the owner of a
scrappy pit-hound mix

Good Dog

Hearing the Call

A deaf owner trains a deaf Sheltie to help others in need

Good Dog

Letting Go of Leon

How a brown hound left town for a better life on the farm