December/January 2015: Best of the Sporting South

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Jonathan Miles

Bartenders are generating buzz with inventive cocktails for the craft brew age

Matt Hendrickson

A Florida kid from a conservative family, twenty-five-year-old Benjamin Booker may seem an unlikely candidate to lead a new wave of blues-influenced musicians. Until he gets onstage, where it's plain to see his talent is off the charts

Matt Hendrickson

A look back at a few albums from the past year that deserve your ear

Sporting Life
Mike Grudowski

For the painter Eldridge Hardie, his art isn't just a vocation. It's a way of life

Sporting Life
Jed Portman

Seven works of art that capture the essence of the sporting South

Arts & Culture
Elizabeth Hutchison, Jessica Mischner, T. Edward Nickens, Jed Portman

Southern makers possess an unrivaled commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This year's winners turn homegrown spirit into universal appeal. Click on each category below to see the winners and runners-up