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Making the Perfect Mint Julep

We asked Alba Huerta of Julep in Houston, Texas, to share her tips for mixing perfect mint julep every time


A Julep of a Different Color: The Concord Grape Julep

A smooth recipe to get you in mint condition for the Derby

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G&G Party Pics

2019 Mint Julep Month Kickoff Party

G&G and Maker’s Mark host a VIP kickoff event in New York City

Home & Garden

Two Centuries of Julep Cups

A Kentucky couple put their antique julep cups to good — and frequent — use

Food & Drink

Julep Season Lives On

A DIY take on Kentucky’s signature sip


A Mint Julep Drinker’s Guide to Louisville

When in bourbon country, these four bars and restaurants will do you—and your mint julep—proud

Forgotten Southern Recipes

The History of the Georgia Peach Julep

A surprising key ingredient returns the original mint julep to its roots


Mint Julep Month: Sparkleberry Mint Julep

Tart up your julep with a splash of blackberry sauce and a squeeze of lemon


Mint Julep Month: Bless Your Heart Julep

A spoonful of blueberry jam and an extra herb in the muddle help this julep go down

Food & Drink

Mint Julep Month: Carthusian Julep

Your new secret ingredient: a liqueur made by monks that is also available at your local grocery store


Antebellum Julep

An early-nineteenth-century Southern julep


Mint Julep Month: The Golden Gait Julep

Bring a splash of bubbly to the party with this cocktail’s key ingredient: champagne syrup


Alba Huerta’s Sparkling Julep

A bourbon-less alternative to the Derby classic


It’s Time for a Mint Julep

Leading up to the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports, celebrate Mint Julep Month with Garden & Gun and Maker’s Mark

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G&G Party Pics

Mint Julep Month Kickoff Party

Mint juleps, bluegrass, and Southern fare in New York City

Food & Drink

French Julep

Cognac and fig preserves put a tasty twist on the classic Derby-season cocktail


A Southern Classic: Mint Julep

Two vintage recipes from the 1930s


Food & Drink

Behind the Bar: Mint Julep

A modern take on this classic Southern cocktail


Mint Julep Slush

Definitive proof that bourbon and ice belong together

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Watch the Derby in Style

These party essentials will help you create a winning spread on race day