Knockout Punch Recipes

From simple colonial-era rum-and-citrus concoctions to effervescent blends of champagne and brandy, nothing gets a party started—or keeps it going—quite like a big bowl of punch


Quoit Club Punch

This blend of brandy, rum, and Madeira really packs a wallop


Champagne Punch

Bubbly enlivens a refreshing post-prohibition mix


Satsuma Punch

One bowl, three centuries of New Orleans tradition

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

Nine time-honored cocktails from a Manhattan to a Margarita


A Drink to Die For: Obituary Cocktail

Jewel of the South, the new NOLA bar from Chris Hannah and Nick Detrich, isn’t open yet. But you can get a sample of what they plan to stir up now…

Made in the South Awards

2018 Overall Winner: High Wire Distilling Co.

Drink Category Runners-Up: A rye whiskey from Kentucky, Blackberry Farm’s Imperial Stout, and Castle Hill Cider

Arts & Culture

Three Cocktails Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe

Bartenders toast the acclaimed painter as a new exhibit opens at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh


Satsuma Whiskey Cider

A smooth-sipping fall cocktail that just might get you into trouble


Martini: Classic Cocktail with a Southern Twist

An Italian bartender in Miami shares a world-famous London version of the universally beloved (and argued-about) cocktail


Castle & Key Distillery’s Bluegrass Revival

A Kentucky bourbon landmark springs back to life


The Zombie: Classic Cocktail with a Southern Twist

This drink fueled the mid-twentieth-century tiki craze. But the original recipe was lost for decades—until a New Orleans cocktail historian decoded it


Island Eggnog: How to Make a Coquito Cocktail

Rum and coconut come together in a Puerto Rican holiday mainstay


Make Your Own (Almost) Pappy Van Winkle

Using bottles you might have at home, create a blend that could pass for the world’s most famous bourbon


Red Wine-Cola Cocktail

“Kalimotxo” is a modern Basque country creation combining two Southern favorites: booze and Coca-Cola


Own a Bottle of Bourbon History

An exceedingly rare Pappy and other bourbon gems go up for auction at Louisville’s Speed Art Museum

Food & Drink

Boulevardier: Classic Cocktail with a Southern Twist

A bourbon-based twist on the Negroni, this classic cocktail came to life in 1920s Paris. Andy Nelson, of Nashville’s Green Brier Distillery, shows how to mix one


Will My Bourbon Cost More?

Straight talk from a Kentucky source on global tariffs and potential impacts back home


Manhattan: Classic Cocktails with a Southern Twist

Bourbon or rye? Mike Raymond of Houston’s Cottonmouth Club and Reserve 101 suggests you split the difference with Wild Turkey 101. Here’s why


Your New Boat Beer Is Here

These two easy-drinking Southern lagers are made for dog days